Discovering the ecstatic song

I have recently discovered a musician that I have never paid attention to before. I have heard of this very famous musician, but I just didn’t care. Then someone posted a live version of a song of his and I am enthralled.

I am amazed that a live version of a song can contain such movement, such emotion, such spiritual depth that I have never heard even an inkling of in the produced version that I have heard on the radio all these years.

I should point out that I don’t listen to lyrics. Music to me is the overall sound of the song. This particular version of this particular song is mesmerizing. The sound of the voice, the sound of the music, the movement from one note and chord to the next….  And the look on the face of the musician as the incredible energy of the song moves through him.

I am spiritually moved. By a song I had heard hundreds of times before. But never this version. This ecstatic song.