This truly is multidimensional

multidimensionalThe simple moment in time that you are living right now is multidimensional.  There are myriad ways that you can look at everything.  “That’s a big rock.”  Compared to which other rock?  “This scientific data X is true.”  Sure, but one thing you’ll notice about science (or anything else) is that what was discovered in the past is found to have had faults, but “now we have found the actual facts”.  And then 10 years later the same is being said for those facts that were new now.  And there’s nothing wrong with that.  Just something to realize as you’re listening to anything.

But what if we have had a spiritual experience and we know the truth now?  That is a wonderful experience.  And we often want to tell everyone about it.  But that moment that allowed you to let go of everything all at once like that – is that moment the same experience that is wanting to tell everyone about it now?  No, and we really do know that it isn’t.  So more and more people are able to let it go and just live from there and not shout about it to all who will listen.

But what really shows us how much we are living it?  It’s what we say to others’ spiritual views.  What do we do when someone else talks about their spiritual views and we know they aren’t right.  If this calls us into action to tell them how wrong they are (no matter how nicely we say it), then how deep into the multidimensionality are we really?

When we’re able to see just how much more vast reality is than our minds are – than our minds are able of thinking or perceiving or conceiving…  Whether a rock is a big rock or not is true compared to some rocks and false compared with others.  We make the mistake often of thinking that we know what rock others are comparing their rock to.  So are we really sure that we have all the reference points to really know what they are saying?

At a certain point – a certain depth – we realize that no words can touch what is really true anyway.  That our minds can’t get there.  And that that’s ok.  Unbeknownst to ourselves, when we stop listening to what our minds have to say, we are there already.

What is ultimately true makes every thought we can think untrue on a deep level.  But it’s ok to talk and live and have our being in this everyday level of experience.  So as deep and true as I have found my experience to be – I have nothing to say about your experience or beliefs.  And when I’m lucky, hearing about yours makes me think of things in a new way.  Not necessarily changing my views, but helping me to understand what you are saying about the truly beautiful thing that is You.

Nothing you can say, and nothing I can say, can touch that incredible deep something that we go to in our real-est moments.  And when we know that, it makes it suddenly ok to really listen.