Buying Locally

small storeHaving found myself in a small town in the middle of nowhere for the foreseeable future, I decided to buy my perfume locally instead of on Amazon.

Can you imagine how different life would be if we all shopped locally?  We would have thriving local economies instead of giant box stores.  Our community members would be employed by someone in particular instead of Walmart.  How would that make their personal lives different?  What kinds of differences would that make in their emotional lives, their families, or how their free time is spent.

I just spent $84 on my perfume instead of the $43 I spent buying it from Amazon last time.

I make less per hour at my job here than one does as a temp doing filing in an office in LA or Boston or Miami.  So this was a serious commitment to the local economy.

Where does one logically draw the line.  And isn’t that the problem each time?  If we all shopped differently then it would work and prices would change.

But here I am as one person.  And we all know that one person can make a difference.  But I basically just donated $40 to “supporting the community”.  Was this wise?  Was it the right choice?  Will I do it again the next time?  I don’t know.  I want to.  But is it possible that decisions like these are what got me to a small town in the middle of nowhere with a few dollars to my name when everyone I knew back in LA and Boston are enjoying their normal jobs making a normal about of money.