Question: What is truly happening in reality?

Q:  Relatively speaking, you and I are conducting this conversation, but is this true? Isn’t this conversation simply occurring by the grace of an unnameable life force?

A:  This is what so many spiritual conversations are – an exercise in semantics. People have done all sorts of mental gymnastics to try to get past the fact that Ramana says that there is no I, while Nisargadatta says there is only I. What if we don’t worry about what word they use and try to understand the meaning they were trying to convey. So….

What do I mean when I use the word “I”? Do I mean the personality who seems to have free will? Or do I mean the one life force that is in everything? Words are used so differently by different people. Spiritual words all the moreso. So we really have to operationalize every word that is said to make sure we know what the other person is talking about. But spiritual ideas don’t confine themselves to words. So we are left metaphorically using mittens on our keyboards and then being incredulous when others think we mean something other than we did.

So… Yes I am having this conversation. I am having all conversations. I am doing everything and nothing. And on the other hand, I (as a person) am having a lovely conversation with you. Which should we call true? That’s a judgment call that I laugh at the idea of making! I can only interact with you through this person Me, while letting I shine forth. And this person Me doesn’t know anything. The brain functions as a filter. Of course she thinks she knows! And when she knows that she doesn’t know, that is also a knowing! That is all the brain can do. Spiritual awakenings do override this. But only until you start using the body again – for talking or moving or anything. When enlightenment is talked about, put into words, it goes through the filter of the brain.

But yes – all things are the unnameable life force flowing, vibrating, seeming solid, appearing to take a perspective in time and space. Time and space being this same life force.