Spiritual Knowledge

We each have our own beliefs.  And we probably have very good reasons for those beliefs.  The universe is so vast, can we think we have the whole picture?  As in the picture with the elephant, we may have spiritual knowledge such as the trunk that we have come to know for ourselves and are very sure that it really is a trunk.  It may have been a profound and life changing experience to discover that trunk.  We had previously had our faces so close to the elephant that we could only see grey, and grey is what most people say about spirituality, so we feel very happy to have had the realization to shift positions and see that there is this trunk.  However, there are others who claim personal spiritual knowledge of a leg or a side or a tail.  We know they are wrong because we had our very real experience and saw this trunk.

There are some who talk about awakening who are so close, but they aren’t there yet.  They are correct in saying the truth is long and thin, they think there is a fluff of hair at the end.  There isn’t, it’s a snout at the end.  And they call the truth Tail.  They’re so close, but still wrong.

* * *

I wonder, if we listened to the ones who talk about the side and the leg and the tail, how much closer would we be to making the shift of perspective that would allow us to see the whole elephant.