You are Not Your Thoughts

“Awakening means seeing that you are not your thoughts. Since you are here before, during, and after a thought, you cannot be the thought. Yet for most of us, first a thought comes and claims there is a problem, then it says, “Quick, quick, look!, a problem, what should we do!?” Well, the one that brought the problem is also the one asking that it be fixed! In other words, the mind starts a fire and then points at it and says, “OMG, look, a fire! What should we do!?”If you pay attention, you will notice that the arsonist and fire chief are one in the same!

“Since the thought created the problem, it can be noticed that the “problem” only exists in the mental realm and not in reality. Just seeing this clearly brings freedom as you stop reacting and giving energy to all the so called “problems” when you catch on to the mind’s clever little game to keep itself employed. Just the non-reaction (where before there was anxiety thinking it was a “real problem” ) will bring great peace. The observed mind loses its power to pull you into dreamland.”

– Michael Jeffreys

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