The Advaita Police Raided My Party

One of the cool things about facebook is that there are all these really cool groups you can be a part of.  If it’s spiritual groups you’re looking for you will find all that you want and more. Between the groups I have joined and the ones that people have just decided I should be in and added me themselves, I’ve got over 20 groups I’m in on facebook.

There are a few that are really cool.  The posts are fun and interesting and I like to hear about what the people have to say.

The problem is that people have a hard enough time communicating about boring mundane things.  Talk about spiritual things and you’ve got miscommunication on adderall. Maybe a good idea for some overzealous members of groups to ask more questions to find out if their assumptions are correct before just telling everyone else in the group how wrong they are.

I’m not even posting on it anymore because no matter what a person posts, there is some a-hole who thinks they’re proving that they are spiritual (instead of proving that they are an a-hole) by adding rude comments to everything anyone else posts.  Ok, not everything, they usually take a pass on the ones in Spanish.  Maybe I should start posting in Spanish.

What they do is no matter what someone says, they point out how wrong the person is for posting at all.  Yes, these are spiritual beliefs people are posting – so not subject to anyone else telling you they are right or wrong.  But these Advaita Police add to almost every post:  “Who is asking?” or “What ‘I’?”   So on my favorite group you really can’t post anything anymore without someone responding with the idea that you’re not spiritual if you think there’s an “I” to think the thought in the post.

I feel tempted to post, “Who is the ‘I’ that thinks they’ve responded to this post?”